Etsy Character Stickers

Hey all! This month I’ve ordered quite a few character stickers so I thought I would put them into a separate post these have all been ordered this month and there’s only one order I’m still waiting for so I’ll add that to next months haul. My usual haul where I so you all the kits I’ve ordered and everything else will be up on Friday.

These are StickyAcorn and are 2 separate orders. I made my first order then a few days later the shop released some new ones so I had to make another order. These are £1.99 a sheet and there are some larger sheets for £3.99 but I prefer these ones because then they can be stored nicely in a 6 by 4 photo album. Postage for these is £1.15 and ready to ship in 1-7 business days.


In a previous post you would of seen that I order some stuff for my new TN from GreenDarnerDesigns in that order I also purchased a few sheets of her Pearl the penguin stickers. These are £1.71 but with the shop being Canadian Shelley puts some up on her Toonie Tuesday section which makes them £1.25. Postage from this shop is £4.36 and that’s flat rate mean the postage isn’t going to start going up after you started adding a few sheets, it’s 3-5 business day for these. Also you can use code KAREN20 for 20% off and mention I sent you to receive my exclusive sampler.


Next I couldn’t resist these cute little cats from KittieKatCo I thought these would be perfect to use in my TN because it’s not a shop I would purchase from all the time so would need an album to store them so they are perfect size to keep in my TN. I purchased these during the shops £1 Sunday deal but usual price is £1.70 and postage is £1.00 ready to ship in 4-6 business days.

As usual I couldn’t help but buy some more Chibis from LaPettePaula, the picture on the left are the single sheets I ordered and the ones on the right are what I received in the grab bag which were all perfect couldn’t see anything wrong with them. Each sheet is £2.05 and postage is £1.36 ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.


This order and the next are my first ever orders with the shop mentioned but I’ve been wanting to order for ages. This first one is OnceMoreWithLove and these munchkins are so cute, reason I ordered has cause all the sheets in the left picture where new in the shop and I couldn’t resist the hibernating bears. Picture on the right was an oops bag even though I can’t see anything wrong with them. Each sheet is  £2.57 and oops bags are £7.12 for 5 sheets. Postage is £4.06 and ready to ship in 1-4 weeks.

Another shop I was excited to order from was TheCoffeeMonsterzCo (by using the link you get 12% of your purchase) The order on the left was my first which I did through etsy and the picture on the right was through the online shop which I think is slightly cheap. I love how your order come with one of these postcard then on the back you collect the coffee beans from the top of the sticker sheets which get you exclusive sampler sheets.

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