PR Package (October)

Hey all! I have my PR Packages from YourWorldOfColour to show you, also my mosr recent order. Shop has be closed for abit but reopened yesturday so if you would like to purchase anything don’t forget to use code KAZOBSESSIONS15 for 15% of minimum of £8.

Toy story

First Carly sent me this amazing new Toy Story inspired kit will be perfect if you have a little boys birthday coming up or you just like Toy Story in general. Don’t know when I will use this but I will find away even if I add it with some other bit for a Father’s day spread I’ll think of a way.


Next she sent me some functional stickers, the blog headers are great from when I want a day to work on my blog I can mark done what I want to get done. The OMG unicorn are the new unicorn character in the shop and they are so cute. I don’t do scuba diving but I suppose I could use them to mark when we go swimming. The hairdresser stickers and printers will also come in handy, the knicker ones I can keep up until my girls are abit older. Now on to my order.

I ordered this 2 weekly kits the first one I can’t wait to use and I love how Carly changed some of the headers like little things is spooky things in this kit. If you would like a closer look at this kit or even order it so you can use it for Halloween you can check it out here

The second kit is a personal kit, both of these kits will be used next week in my recollections planner and TN. I also ordered the decorative stickers to go with the personal kit and the plan with me stickers to mark when my plan with me posts go up. More exciting posts to come with Christmas getting closer, Carly has added some new Christmas weekly and monthly kit to the shop which are so amazing they are waiting my etsy basket.

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