March Favourite’s

Hey loves! I thought about doing beauty posts again and thought what better than with a monthly favourite’s. There will be some sneak peeks in here because I did buy some new products that are going to be in a haul next week but I’ve been really loving them so couldn’t leave them out. I’m going to mention stuff in little categories like skincare and makeup etc. Any items I can find links for will be linked at the bottom.

So lets start with skincare because there are quite a few. All these products are from Avon apart from the eye roll-on. The face wash is nothing special but it has been the ones that I’ve used for most of March and I’m still using it now, with face wash I don’t really swap and change once I’m using one I will use it until it’s empty. The eye makeup remover is great for removing all my makeup, it does feel oily so I do use this first before any other face wash products. The next thing is a daily astringent, I had never heard of one of these before but since it came I haven’t stopped using it my nose looks alot clearer. Planet spa overnight facial treatment has left my skin feeling so soft my only problem is I haven’t seen it in Avon since before Christmas so once its finish I will have to find a new product so if you have an recommendations please leave them in a comment below. Lastly is my cucumber eye roll-on this has been really great in a morning an has reduced the puffiness under my eyes, I don’t think I can get this product again because it was from Homebargins and haven’t seen it in there recently so good job I have a back up and mum said she has one that she doesn’t want.

Moving on to hair products. My new favourite shampoo and conditioner are these to which have coconut water in them so that’s a big thing for me because I love the smell of coconut. I’ve also been loving these Mellor & Russell argan shine hair mask, it leave my hair so soft and shiny. These 3 products are from Poundland but don’t show up on their website, I have seen them in store quite a few times though.


I have a few makeup favourites for this month and they are most new products. First is the Maybelline master camo colour correcting pallete, I’ve really gotten into colouring correcting after trying the stick form ones from Primark. The green is great for covering the bit of pink I have in my cheeks or any spots that start to appear. The yellow above is great for covering dark circle and the one next to that is good for any discoloured parts. My trusty Body collection concealer which I’ve featured in favourite posts in the past, this is my go to concealer and I’m on the hunt for a new on as it nearly all gone. Maybelline master contour has been another great product although I do wish I got the darker one but this is fine might purchase the darker for in the summer. Lastly Maybelline stay matte powder, love love love great for my oily skin what more can I say.20170405_125232

If you would like to see my everyday skincare or makeup please leave a comment below.

Products mentioned:

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August Favorites

Hey loves! Sorry for not having anything up for a while but like I said before the kids have been off for the summer holidays so I haven’t been able to write anything up. Now I’m back with my favorite products from last month. I will have links to products I can find at the bottom of the post.

So let start this of with some of my favorite makeup products I was using last month. Primarks colour correcting sticks, I have the yellow and green one. I love these so much and they cover up my redness/tired looking eyes.


Body collection concealer, this is my go to concealer all the time it covers my dark circles perfectly. This with the Primark corrector crayon and dark circles are completely invisable.


Essence eyeshadow in the shade 17 no cream no sugar. I love using this in my crease and along water line it stays on all day when using a primer first.


Poundland candles, I absolutely love the scent of these and I have one in every room apart of my kids rooms. My favorite one is the Vanilla.


Mini bath bombs from Trentham garden centre. These are great when I want to have a nice long relax in the bath and a great price as well £0.30 each or 10 for £2.00. My mum bought me these, I usually have the big bath bombs but I thought these would be just the right size for my daughters to use so I will be getting some off ebay as I don’t always go to Trentham and I’ve not seen these small ones before.


Perspirex deodorant, This is great especially for me being a busy mum it does exactly what its suppose to. I did a review on this which you can read here


During the summer I’ve been loving lip crayons, two of my favourites are Rimmel colour rush in the shade 110 make me blush and Bourjois colour boost in the shade orange punch I think these to shades are perfect for the summer I’ve also been loving Rimmel colour rush in the shade 210 boom chic a boom but I couldn’t find it to take a picture, it’s probably in a handbag somewhere.



Have you tried any of these products if you have leave a comment below?!

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May Favorites


Hey loves! Today post I’m going to tell you which products I’ve been loving in May. I’ll start with skincare products.

Lacura face cream


I’ve really loved this cream, it’s not broke me out or anything. I like it so much I have a back up ready for when this pot is empty.

Skin therapy facial scrub


This is the only face wash I will use because all others I’ve used have a minty feeling which doesn’t agree with my skin so as soon as I used this one I stop trying any other face scrubs.

Nivea harmony time shower cream


This shower gel smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft, I do have a couple more stocked up but I will still try others.

Lets go on to makeup products

Makeup Gallery false nails

Not really makeup but I though it fitted better than in skin care These nails are now my go to nails, to hear why check out my review here

Essense eyeshadow base


I never use to use any sort of eyeshadow base but after seeing youtubers talk about them I thought I would try one. I went out and bought a cheap one just incase I didn’t like it but now I use it every day.

MUA blusher in Bon Bon


Again another product that I didn’t use but it’s great and I’ve also bought another one in a different shade.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Toasted Marshmallow


This has been my go to lip product all winter and because I loved it so much I’ve been using it all spring as well. Safe to say though I have been using some different products now. There will be a review on this product and other NYX butter glosses some time next week.

So they were the products I’ve been loving in May if you would like a review on any of these products then please leave a comment below. I’m sorry about the lighting I had to take the pictures last night so I had no natural light to work with.

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