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Hey all! I can’t believe the Summer holidays are over and today my girls went back to school. I did do a back to school spread in a happy planner I was redating but that’s was before I knew I was getting my recollections planner. This weeks kit is by PlannerFace who I’d never used before but I will definitely purchase for the shop again.

Sep 4th

This is how my spread turned out, I love the colour I think they are a great for this time of year where Summer is nearly over but its not quite Autumn. I wasn’t quite sure what to do in my side bar but I think I will keep this. I’ve got a checklist to mark down any etsy orders that come in and the weekly checklist I decided to mark what the girls are having a school so I do make the same at home. Not sure weather I’m going to keep the month and year in the top corner or cover it up we shall see.


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