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Hey all! Quick disclaimer before I start, these stickers were sent to me for free but all opinions and views are my own. AnythingElsie is a new UK etsy shop which is ran by Louise who kindly sent me one of her new weekly kits and some extras. Sticker range from £1.50 for a decorative sheet to £10.00 for a full weekly kit, postage is £1.0 and ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

woodland friends

First off this is the woodland friends weekly kit, I love the full boxes they are so cute. I think this kit would be great as either and Autumn or Winter kit, I will be using in January as a Winter kit because I already have all my Autumn kits. I love how her functional stickers are big script words because it mean I can layer them onto and icon sticker which I love doing.


Also there’s the glitter headers and date dots to go with the kit, I like how there’s 3 different colours means you can add 2 to your stash or mix and match them but either way you’ll still have some left over to use in other spreads. Habit trackers which I’ll never say no to as I need to stay on top of my skincare. Lastly some script words, I also like using these in my other planners and bullet journal.

At the moment this is the only full kit in the shop but there are a couple of mini kits and plenty of functional sheet. This shop has only just started so the range is quite good with the in hand, I can’t wait to see what else Louise come out with after receiving this kit. Don’t forget to stay tuned in the new year to see me use this amazing kit in one of my spreads.


Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below. If you would like to contact me or follow me on social media you can find all the information here or by clicking the buttons on the side also join my Facebook planner group here. Don’t forget to follow.


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