Plan with me

Plan with me || Unicorn

Hey loves! This week I’ve gone for a no white space spread and the kit I used is amazing, I still have bits left over. Kit I used was the unicorn kit from Themixmatchplanner. Next week I will be going back to A5 size but will still be decorating my personal as well. I only have the one lot of photos this week because with the girls being off school its hard to find time to take photos.


With this me a full kit I didn’t have to put much in from my stash, a half checklist and a weekly full box which was left over from a HarrietWrightDesigns kit. I love all the colours in the kit it just screams summer and unicorns, can’t say no to anything unicorn. Some days look very blank because not got much on this week but so excited for Saturday to take girls to the zoo. Do you have any exciting plans for this week?


Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below. If you would like to contact me or follow me on social media you can find all the information here or by clicking the buttons on the side also join my Facebook planner group here. Don’t forget to follow.


16 thoughts on “Plan with me || Unicorn

    1. There’s a lot of unicorn kits like this on etsy you could also try yourworldofcolour on etsy she does cute unicorn stickers


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