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Hey loves! How many of you out there love little character stickers weather it be an animal, person or emoji?! Well I’ve found a seller in the UK that does little emoji character stickers. The shop is called StickyAcorn on Etsy and they kindly sent me some stickers to show you. They are small sheet but they also sent me 2 large A5 sheet as well. These stickers remind me so much of the OnceMoreWithLove and TheCoffeeMonsterzco stickers except these stickers and the postage is much cheaper. Each sheet costs £1.99 and postage is £0.98 ready to ship in 1-7 business days.


These are the 2 large sheets, I don’t know if this size can be purchase but I’m sure if you contact the seller they will let you know. I can always use shopping stickers to mark when I do my grocery shopping. I’m not sure about the beer drinking stickers as I don’t drink beer and don’t really go out drink but I’m sure I could past them onto my mum so she can mark when her and my stepdad go out.


These are just so adorable and I can’t wait to use them. The beach and Summer sheets are going to be perfect this time of year to mark any seaside trips or days in the garden. Pay day sheets are always needed, not sure what to do with the superhero ones but I’ll find some use for them and the wine ones I can use to mark things like new year or an adult birthday. You can also find StickyAcorn on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below. If you would like to contact me or follow me on social media you can find all the information here or by clicking the buttons on the side also join my Facebook planner group here. Don’t forget to follow.


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