Etsy Feature (ChochoAndMimi)

Hey all! These are some more stickers I got this month but because I’ve be looking at them for so long and this is one of the first shops I came across them I first started planning two years ago I thought I would share them in a separate post. ChochoandMimi is a UK based shop ran by the lovely Dani and her stickers are amazing.

To start these are the freebies that came with my order and the little note from Dani which is so cute. The Easter stickers will go perfect in my personal planner and I can’t wait to use the wish granted stickers, if you don’t know what the wish granted sticker are for head over to UK Planner Addicts on a Saturday and there is thread were you can comment what small planner item you want and in return you must granted someone else’s wish.


First I ordered the sampler sheets and I love how these come as a set and they are perfect size for on the go planning because they will fit nicely in a pocket inside your planner.


I also ordered 2 sheets of the 3 heart checklist boxes and write to penpal stickers, I usually put these on a Tuesday to mark main bits I need from town. Also I put on a Wednesday to mark what blog work I need to get done.


I thought else backup file stickers were perfect for me because every so often all the pictures I’ve already uploaded to my blog I transfer to a memory stick just incase I ever need them. The but first coffee stickers are great to but first on a Monday because that’s the day I have lots to do.


Lastly I order these planner stickers to mark on a Friday that I need to plan the next week and take pictures for my plan with me post, also clean house sticker to mark days when I have a lot of cleaning to do.


The quality of these sticker is amazing, I’m already going to need to make a new order because one sheet of the 3 heart checklist boxes is nearly all gone. Stickers range from £1.48 – £20 for a set of larger sampler sheets. Postage is £0.74 and ready to ship in 1 – 2 weeks.


Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below. If you would like to contact me or follow me on social media you can find all the information here or by clicking the buttons on the side also join my Facebook planner group here. Don’t forget to follow.



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