Etsy feature #7 (LJDesignsNE)

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free in exchange for this post but all opinions and views are my own.

Hey loves! I have an etsy feature to show you some inserts that were sent to me. I will try my best as I haven’t featured inserts on my blog so not sure how to describe them so bear with me.

The shop that sent me these are LJDesignsNE which is ran by a lovely lady called Laura Jones. Her shop sells a few different insert type as well as charms, dashboards/dividers, notebooks and page markers. She sent to two weeks worth of the WO2P, if you order these yourself they are £5.25 of 3 months worth and shipping is £1.20 and 3-5 business days. The paper feels quite thick and of good quality but the ink can be seen through the pages but a normal ballpoint pen can’t so for me that’s not a problem. Now for a planner girl this is bad but I don’t own a sharpie or any pen like that so I can’t tell you weather the ink bleeds through but for me personal with the quality of the paper and because I only use a normal pen these inserts would be great for me and would consider ordering them when I need some.


Don’t know what more I can say about them but if there is anything you want to know comment below and I’ll get back to you. I list below the other inserts and prices.

  • WO2P printed – £5.25
  • WO2P printable – £3.96
  • Weekly meal planner printable – £1.92
  • Savings Tracker printable – £1.92
  • Website login printable – £1.92
  • Savings Tracker printed – £4.00
  • Login and password remind printed – £4.00
  • Weekly meal planner printed – £4.50
  • Charms – £2.00
  • Dashboards – £2.00
  • Dividers – £9.00 to £14.00
  • Notebooks – £4.95 or £5.95
  • Page Markers – £1.50

Laura also gave me a discount code for you all it’s LOVEPLANNING for 15% off minimum order of £5 until 5th March.

Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below also add me on Twitter @kaz210388 or Instagram @kazsobsessions. You can also find my blog on Bloglovin and I’m now on Snapchat kazsbeauty
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