Filofax Pocket Saffiano Review

Hey all! I have another planner review for you, if you read my What I got for Christmas post you’ll know that I got a pocket size Filofax Saffiano from my Grandad and I love it. I use it as a wallet/ coupon holder so I carry it in my handbag and will be doing a setup on this but for today I will just be doing a review and telling you about it.


Mine is in the colour Raspberry but to me it’s a purple colour but either way the colour is lovely. It has a popper closure and an elasticated pen loop. on the inside there is to card slots and a secretarial pocket, in the back there is a pocket that you could slide a small list pad in.


Filofax is always a go to brand when it comes to buying a planner because they are such good quality and excellent prices for the product you get. Mine was purchased off Ebay but you can get them from the Filofax website or stationery shops that stock them such as Staples and Ryman.

Do you own a Filofax? What make and colour is it?

Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below. If you would like to contact me or follow me on social media you can find all the information here or by clicking the buttons on the side also join my Facebook planner group here. Don’t forget to follow.


19 thoughts on “Filofax Pocket Saffiano Review

  1. I used to love a red one I had years ago, it was just the thing that I could pop all notes in and was useful to keep my disorganised things organised. Unfortunately I’ve slipped out of that kind of use now, and tend to use my mobile in the same way. I just prefer the paper version, maybe it’s time to go back to one.


    • I have approx 23 Filofaxes, and I love them all. They are mostly A5, but I have some Personal and Pocket sized ones too.

      My absolute favourite A5s are my Classic Croc in Indigo, zipped Holborn in wine and purple Malden, and I also love the slimmer A5 Luxe in red and Osterley in Wine.

      In the Personal size I have 2 Maldens (crimson and purple), an Enigma, which is beautiful and looks like snake-skin, a wine zipped Holborn and a brown zipped Cuban.

      My Pocket Filofaxes are a Malden, Saffiano and a Holborn.

      I used to use just one Filofax but this year I am experimenting with multiple ones as I have so many and my one-life Filofax with its Minion stickers and colour washi tape wasn’t really appropriate for work 🙂 Nor was the single Filofax working for me, either for my personal or my work stuff. Fingers crossed the multi-Filofax system works for 2017.


      • You’ll have to follow my blog because throughout February I will be doing set up posts on how I use 5 planner and what I use them for.


  2. I bought a Saffiano as a gift for a friend. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was. It’s a great lightweight binder. The color you have is lovely.


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