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Plan With Me Dec 19-25

Hey loves! Not long now until Christmas, I haven’t done a Christmas coloured theme for this week but it is Christmas themed. The kit I’m using is the Merry & Bright kit by ThoseSillyStars on Etsy. So I started by putting the main bits of the kit down.


Then I used functional stickers from numerous Etsy shops.


Finally I filled in all the main bits but my to do lists I’m leaving until on the day because this week will be very busy and I want to make sure I only write down the important things.



How have you decorated your planner this week?

I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below also add me on Twitter @kaz210388 or Instagram @kazsobsessions. You can also find my blog on Bloglovin and I’m now on Snapchat kazsbeauty
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I'm a lover of all things planner and beauty related and wanted to start a blog so I had something to do in my spare time and to share my to obsessions with everyone

15 thoughts on “Plan With Me Dec 19-25

  1. The planners stickers are very cheap! Do you do a new page every week then? I’m very traditional with calendar and I use “just” my google calendar….


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