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Black Friday Etsy Haul

Hey loves, Today I have another Etsy haul for you with the stuff I ordered on black Friday. I ordered from two shops using their black Friday discount codes so I got all this stuff for a lot cheaper than you usually would.

To start off I ordered three mini weekly kits from AJ6Designs, the reason I chose this kits was because I want to use them later in the year but didn’t know if they would still be on sale when I needed them so this was I good opportunity to get them. Each weekly kit contains:

⦁ 15 headers
⦁ 8 checklist flags
⦁ 7 quarter boxes
⦁ 7 half boxes
⦁ 1 weekend banner
⦁ A bunch of deco and functional stickers
⦁ 9 full boxes

These were the kits I picked

American Diner, Witches Broom and School Days

The last shop was ThePlumpPlanner which I was so excited to be able to order stickers because the shop is only open once a week and not for very long. So while I had the opportunity I ordered 9 kits and 2 sheets of Christmas quote boxes. These are the kits I chose, they are to go along side other kits that I get with similar theme. Each kit contains:

  • One sheet of 8 full boxes
  • Second sheet of 8 half boxes
  • Some decorative sheets
  • Some sheets contain a few headers

These were the first sets I chose, I couldn’t resist the Disney Princess ones which I will be using in the Summer. The Unicorn one is for the beginning of March and the Hello Kitty ones is for the week of my girls birthdays.

I also picked these which I think are lovely. The Audrey one I’m giving my mum for Christmas because I’m making her a folder of stickers for her planner. The others I’m using from September.

Finally I picked these, I chose this kit because I’ve seen so many of the same kit but this was the cheapest one and because I will be changing to horizontal pages in February I don’t need the full kits that come with washi, headers and everything else. The quote stickers I’ve used on a dash board. I haven’t been able to link any of these kits because of the shop being closed but I have name the kits so if you do manage to get on there you can look.

What did you manage to get your hands on for black Friday?

I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below also add me on Twitter @kaz210388 or Instagram @kazsobsessions. You can also find my blog on Bloglovin and I’m now on Snapchat kazsbeauty
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