Stationery Haul

Hey loves! So excitied to do this post as it’s another one I haven’t done in ages . Not all this stuff was purchase all at once it was purchased over a few shopping trips. so enough rambling lets get into this haul.


Starting of with B&M I just bought a pack of three note pads which I thought would be great for my handbag to jot down any notes or ideas I have while I’m out. I saw these Christmas money wallets and thought they would make great dash boards/page markers in my planner. Lastly was some decorative pens, I decided to start getting patterned pens like this because I thought they would look nicer in a pen pot on my desk.


Next we have Wilko where I picked up these cute Tsum Tsum sticky notes as I thought I could put them in one of the pockets in my planner. Some more decortive pens and a Tsum Tsum pen which can be used to write in black or blue.


The next three shops is where I bought some of my favorite purchases. The Works had some Christmas washi in so I just couldn’t help myself, I also picked up the glitter washi because I thought the gold one would look really good on the new year spread as well as picking up the leopard print and black but didn’t realise until I got home it was fabric washi but thats ok still do the same job. I also picked up these cute cupcake pegs that I thought would look good in my planner for spring/summer. Lastly for there I picked up some pencils.


On my last shopping trip I decided to go into Ryman and pick up a single hole punch because I was getting fed up of trying to use one hole on a normal hole punch. While I was in there I couldn’t resist picking up these stickers and mini pens.


Final shop is Poundland, I went in to look for their new sticky notes and list pads but they didn’t have any but that still didn’t stop me from picking a few things up. I did manage to find some list pads so I picked this one up. I also picked up some of their washi and card stock which I haven’t pictured here because I needed to use it for organising my stickers. Last thing I have is a my little pony sticker book and Christmas stickers.
Hope you enjoyed this haul and there will be plenty more because I will be planning again soon when my planner comes.

Do you have any of these stationery bits? Is there any things you’ve picked up that you think I should look out for? Please leave your comments below.

I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below also add me on Twitter @kaz210388 or Instagram @kazsobsessions. You can also find my blog on Bloglovin and I’m now on Snapchat kazsbeauty
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16 thoughts on “Stationery Haul

    • Karen's obsessions says:

      I’m the same I didn’t need all that washi already got a box full but you never no when you’ll need it (probably never)


  1. Alina says:

    Stationery is so much fun and I love that you’ve got a collection going on there. I need to always make a conscious effort to use them when I get new bits though as its so easy to forget.


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