Poundland Makeup


Hey loves! So the other day I went to the town centre with my mum and bought a few makeup products from Poundland. These aren’t the branded makeup products that have been put into clear plastic packaging, these are from their own makeup brand called Makeup Gallery. Being a mum of two and going out buying the top branded products just doesn’t feel right when I could spend that money on my kids so I’m always looking for cheap products. Obviously with Makeup Gallery being Poundland’s range of makeup every item is £1. So I thought I would show you what I got and my first opinions on these items, if you would like a full review on a certain item then please let me know in the comments.

First I picked up a set of false nails, I’ve picked these up before and I have tried them so if you would like to see my review on my previous ones then there will be a review up at the beginning of the week.


On to makeup I chose these two eyeshadows 11 Ocean Blue (shimmer) and 9 Cappuccino (matte). For the price of these I was surprised with how pigmented and creamy they are, I will definitely be purchasing more of these.


I also picked up a blusher in  the shade soft blush 1, This is also very pigmented and creamy.


Lastly I picked up a press powder in Translucent 1 and lip gloss in Nice & Nude. Not much I can say about the press powder just that its no different to any of my others but the lip gloss in sticky so I’m not sure weather I will pick and of these up again.


I feel that this makeup brand is very affordable and so far seem very good quality for what your paying. Most of these products I will purchase again and pick up some of their products that I didn’t get like the lipsticks.

I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below also add me on Twitter @kaz210388 or Instagram (planner) @planneraddict88 (beauty) @kazsbeauty. You can also find my blog on Bloglovin and I’m now on Snapchat kazsbeauty

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14 thoughts on “Poundland Makeup

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s great to see cheap make up that is good out there, I generally use ‘high end’ items but I’m always up for trying something new. I have a friend with teenage girls who are just getting into their make up, this would be amazing for them. Thanks for the review.


    • Karen's obsessions says:

      I was quite surprised, only thing I cant purchase is the foundation cause ivory is the lowest shade they do but that is still to dark for me


  2. claire says:

    I love cheap make up as you can get more for your money but you can also pick up some good quality make up from Poundland, can’t you 🙂 Love the look of these, I will have to go and have a trip down to my local one 🙂


  3. Rachel says:

    I always say it isn’t the price but how well you feel it works for you which is the most important with makeup, I have products right across the spectrum and their prices differ hugely x


    • Karen's obsessions says:

      If you love on one of my previous post I had some multi coloured ones which I will be doing a review on some time this week


    • Karen's obsessions says:

      Ive been using these products and they are fine I would put them on my blog if there was anything wrong with them


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