Makeup Haul

*Disclaimer, I’ve not bought any of this stuff to show off or brag I bought it so I could so you all some very affordable products because so of these item were only £1 each.

Hey loves! So I went shopping yesterday (14th April 2016) These item were purchased from 2 shops and all of this only cost me £16.30. To start I went to Wilko which is a UK shop where you can buy home décor, DIY etc… I went in with the intention of buying Essence’s the velvets eye shadow but my store didn’t have any so I bought these three eye shadows instead and an eye primer base. Shadow from left to right are 18 all I need, 17 no cream no sugar and 21 keep calm and berry on. The colours are very pigmented and feel really smooth, I can’t wait to use these.


Eyeshadow base £2.30 and eyeshadows £1.00 each

Then I went to Superdrug and bought quite a few MUA products lipsticks in the shade Tulip, Peachy keen and Pouty pink. Blusher is the shade Bon Bon. Highlighter, Foundation is natural ivory and nail polish which I’ll show in a different post.


Blusher £1.00, Highlighter £3.00, Foundation £4.00 and Lipsticks £1.00 each

I love MUA and Essence makeup because its so affordable because some of the products are £1 and still very good quality and so pigmented.

While I was on my shopping trip I also bought some skincare products and nail products which will be in separate posts. If you would like to see a review on any of these products please leave a comment below.

I’m happy to answer all questions so feel free to comment below also add me on Twitter @kaz210388 or Instagram (planner) @planneraddict88 (beauty) @kazsbeauty.

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