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Nail product haul

Hey loves! So when I went shopping on the 14th April apart from makeup and skincare products but I also bought some nail products. I think next time I do a shopping haul I’ll just show everything in the one post instead of splitting it like I did with all the stuff I bought on this shopping trip.

The first place I picked nail products up from was Poundland. I picked up these zig zag pattern ones from their beauty range called makeup gallery. I chose them because I thought they would look great in the summer.


Next I picked up these nail polishes in superdrug by the brand MUA. I chose Frozen Yoghurt, Lavender and Sweet Peach.


When I went in Primark I saw more false nails and I just couldn’t help myself I bought a blue and a green set in the pointed style and then a white and purpley red colour in the squared style.


I have already tried the blue and white ones and I love them. I’ve seen loads of youtubers saying the glue is no good and that they are nail that only last a day. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the glue and they have stayed on for more than a couple of days, the white stayed one for a week and it would of been longer if I hadn’t decided I wanted to change them.

Finally when I went down my mums I spotted these in B&M I couldn’t resist, I mean pink and glitter what more can I say.


As you can tell I have a thing for false nails and my reason is I always like having my nails painted but can’t afford to have them done every two weeks or even once a month. This way I can change them as often as I like with out the expense plus if I don’t use to much glue the nails can be re-used again. If you want to see my nail polish collection or what false nail have at the moment please leave a comment below and I’d love to show you, as I’m writing this I wondering weather to put some more false nail on or paint them orange.

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International Etsy Shop Feature #3

*Disclaimer: I was sent these sticker for free in exchange for this post but all opinions are honest and my own.

Hey loves! I have another international etsy shop feature for you this time its for LilyPinkPrints ran by Briana who kindly sent me the full mermaid kit and the add on decorative sheet. I really can’t wait to use this kit.

The kit contains Full decorative boxes, washi strips, header sheet with habit trackers and appointment boxes, bottom washi with date cover ups and two mixed sheets with weekend banner, half boxes etc…. With this Briana also send me the lovely decorative sheet as well. The kit is £8.36 and decorative sheet is £1.95 everything is posted from Australia for £1.67 which I think is a great price for the quality of these stickers. The cut and colour of these is perfect, I would definitely place an order in the future. I’ve decided because this kit is so amazing I’m going to use it as next weeks kit so look out on Monday to see how I decorate with this.




Skincare haul

*Disclaimer, all these product were purchased with my own money and I’m not sponsored in anyway to mention these brands I just thought I’d share with you what I bought when I went shopping.

Hey loves! I thought I would share with you some skincare and random beauty products I bought on the same day as the makeup from previous post, if you haven’t seen that then you can  here

So while I was in Wilko I picked up these body butters which I havn’t seen before. The brand on them is Fruits which is the Wilko own brand I believe, there is also shower gel, soap and other products in this range. I have already tried these and if your a person who doesn’t like their products having a strong fruity smell these wont be for you, I only unscrewed the lid and I could smell the scent straight away. I also picked up some nail polish remover because I ran out and some face scrub.

Next I went to Poundland and bought some Clairol shampoo, Nivea shower gel and Dove cream because I was using the Garnier but it was making my skin break out. I also bought some false nails which will be in my next haul post. I’m loving the Dove cream and I’m so glad I picked up a back up one and the shampoo is a back up as well because I already have one but in a different scent.


All this next stuff is from my mums, she was sorting through her skincare stuff and gave me what she doesn’t use.


A box of face masks, these are ones you don’t leave on you rub them into your face for one minute then wash it off, a body lotion and shower gel which smell amazing, some foot cream and argan oil hair mask which I bought from B&M

If you would like me to do a review on any of these product leave me a comment below, I’d love to let you know what I thought of a product after using it. Do you like these shopping hauls in separate pieces like makeup in one post and skincare in another or put them in the same post.

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International etsy shop feature #2

*Disclaimer: I was given these stickers for free in exchange for this post but all opinions and views are my own.

Hey loves! Today I thought I would share with you another international etsy shop that has cheap postage to the UK. The shop being featured in this post is PlannerStickies ran by Sandra. What drew me to this shop is all Sandra’s Disney stickers she has allsorts. So I was so happy when some of the free stickers she sent me were Disney ones. Lets get into the stickers because they are so cute.

First Sandra sent me some unicorn weekly stickers, there not enough for a no white space spread so I’d have to add some more stickers but that’s ok with me.


Next she sent me some Disney character stickers, the frozen ones I might se for my daughters birthday but I’m not sure yet but either way I have some frozen craft paper so I can make my own decorative boxes to go with these.


All these stickers are great quality and I can’t wait to use them. The Disney character sheets are £1.68, the unicorn stickers are £1.26 for the pooping unicorns £1.40 for the cute unicorns and £1.96 for the set. The best thing is that postage is only £1.12 from Canada. I think Sandra’s stickers are amazing.



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Makeup haul

*Disclaimer, I’ve not bought any of this stuff to show off or brag I bought it so I could so you all some very affordable products because so of these item were only £1 each.

Hey loves! So I went shopping yesterday (14th April 2016) These item were purchased from 2 shops and all of this only cost me £16.30. To start I went to Wilko which is a UK shop where you can buy home décor, DIY etc… I went in with the intention of buying Essence’s the velvets eye shadow but my store didn’t have any so I bought these three eye shadows instead and an eye primer base. Shadow from left to right are 18 all I need, 17 no cream no sugar and 21 keep calm and berry on. The colours are very pigmented and feel really smooth, I can’t wait to use these.


Eyeshadow base £2.30 and eyeshadows £1.00 each

Then I went to Superdrug and bought quite a few MUA products lipsticks in the shade Tulip, Peachy keen and Pouty pink. Blusher is the shade Bon Bon. Highlighter, Foundation is natural ivory and nail polish which I’ll show in a different post.


Blusher £1.00, Highlighter £3.00, Foundation £4.00 and Lipsticks £1.00 each

I love MUA and Essence makeup because its so affordable because some of the products are £1 and still very good quality and so pigmented.

While I was on my shopping trip I also bought some skincare products and nail products which will be in separate posts. If you would like to see a review on any of these products please leave a comment below.

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My makeup collection


Hey loves! This is going to be a new part to my blog, I’m going to start doing beauty posts but there won’t be any tutorials on here (I’m not that good) So why not start the beauty posts off with my makeup collection.

I don’t have that much in my collection but I do hope to grow it and I will be adding to it on  Wednesday when I go shopping. So on the top of my cabinet I have my makeup brushes most of them I got off ebay and they are quiet good quality. I have a pot that I keep my lip liners in and a acrylic container that I keep my every day makeup in. There is also a set of acrylic drawers where I keep my liquid lipsticks and normal lipsticks few of the brands are Rimmel, NYX and MUA


In the first drawer I keep foundation, primer, powder, samples and little bits and bobs that I might need. There is a mix of MUA, Avon and a few other brands.


In the last drawer I have eyeliner, mascara, pigments, single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. Same brands here as well MUA, Avon and other brands.


Under the two drawers there is two shelves where I keep my skin care products and my nail polish collection. Lastly there is also a part on the cabinet that has a door and all I keep in there is hair products and back up products. If there is anything you’d like to see more closely like my lipsticks or even my nail polish collection leave a comment below and I’ll gladly do one. Also if there is anything you would like a link to comment that below as well and I’ll get back to you. Hope you like this post and make sure to come back Friday and I’ll have a haul for you.

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