My blog planner

Hey loves! Today I thought I would share with you all how I set up my blog planner. Reason I decided to have a separate planner for my blog work because having it wrote in my normal planner was just to much stuff going on in one place. Also there wasn’t enough space to write everything I needed.


So the planner I’m using is the Jane Walker planner by AJ6Designs on etsy, I also did a review on this planner which you can see here.


The month at a glance I use as my editorial calendar. I post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I have each post colour coordinated by catagory, at the moment I’m using coloured dots but think I might change to coloured washi or sticky notes so I can move them round if I need to.


On the week layouts each day is broke into three sections which I like so everything can be sorted into different sections. Usually I write down to do’s and any links or pictures that need to be taken. On days when I post I like to make a checklist of social media I want to share on and the last column I write what post I’m publishing. I’ve tried out a few stickers which came with the planner to try and make it a bit more colourful.

Finally on the notes page at the end of each month I like to keep track of my monthly stats and number of followers on my social media accounts.

Hope you liked this post and it has given you some ideas on setting up your own blog planner. If you already have a blog planner how do you use it? Leave your comments below.


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