The Jane Walker planner review

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So this is the Jane walker planner by AJ6Designs on etsy which is ran by sisters Denise and Amanda Mc Crum. I’ll tell you more about their etsy shop after. This planner has a lovely pattern on the front and back cover, it has a plastic spiral spine which I think is better than the metal ones because it squashes a bit which is good when you get to the middle when your writing. Even though it is a 12 month planner with monthly and weekly pages it doesn’t seem that heavy. The inside of the the front cover also has the same pattern with a space to write your name.

Following this there is a year at a glance and a dates to remember page where you could fill in birthdays, holidays or any big events that you want to remember.


Then there is a page to plan out a cleaning routine and a page for marking down a budget. The thing I like about the cleaning page is that it doesn’t just have daily it also has monthly, quarterly and annually.


After these it then goes into your calendar starting with the monthly spreads and before each month there is a note page which I really like. The monthly pages are set out in boxes and has a side bar for goals or it can be used for something else if you wish.

Following this there is your weekly pages which are set out like the Erin Condren and planners similar to that. It does have header boxes which are blank and lines at the bottom which you could use for notes or tracking something that you do daily. On each week the side bar has a quote which I think is lovely and at the bottom is a box for weekly goals.

Heading towards the back there is a few note pages and a clear folder on the inside of the back cover. I’m so pleased with this planner at the end of the last year I really wanted an Erin Condren but couldn’t afford one so got a happy planner but if I had know about these I would definitely have bought one. So if there is going to be a 2017 one I will be purchasing this planner. There is an added bonus with this planner you do receive some stickers as well because AJ6Designs also sell planner stickers.


Just like me some of you probably want to know how these sisters decided to sell their own planner and where the name came from so Denise very kindly sent me this bit of information.

We are a sister Team from Ireland

Amanda & Denise 

Way back in June of 2015 I wanted to start and plan out all the things I had to do on a daily basis I tried using phone apps and I quickly realised that pen & paper was more my thing, So I set about finding a great planner I found plenty in the states and the UK which I liked but were pretty costly. The was nothing on the irish market that suited my needs so I was talking to my sister and we got thinking about setting up our own planner and launching it in Ireland. 

So our planner business was born. The name is my Sisters “Amanda Jane Walker” the company name is AJ (for Amanda Jane) 6 (is the amount of kids we have between us) and the D in Designs (is for Denise). 
We went with Jane Walker as we felt it was a strong name that once out there would stick in peoples minds. 
We are already in the planning stages for our 2017 planner with the printers along with a full stationary line to go with it. Exciting times ahead.’
So apart from selling this planner they also sell planner stickers the ones that came with the planner can be brought as well as lots more. I don’t know what more to say apart from I can’t wait until Christmas so I can put the 2017 planner on the present list.

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4 thoughts on “The Jane Walker planner review

  1. Susie Bray says:

    I’ve just ordered one and can’t wait to receive it….it sounds great and a much cheaper way than going down the EC route here in the UK


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