Upcoming etsy shop

*Update: Ashley-Janne’s etsy shop will be opening Friday afternoon (Friday 12th Feb). Disclaimer will be at the bottom of the post

So today I’m going to share with you some stickers by a lady named Ashley-Janne who is going to be opening an etsy shop. I came across her when she posted on a Facebook group page that she wanted a few people to take a look at her stickers and see if they were ready to sell. I noticed that she had already picked the people so I messaged her to say I missed the opening and would of loved to review them on my blog and if she could send me a link when her shop opened so I could order some then feature them in a post. She replied that she could send me three sets and would be happy for me to review them on my blog.

As soon as I opened them I knew I had to do this review ASAP and show you.


pay day, meal trackers and birthday

Ashley-Janne’s shop will be called SmallStuffCreations. This is what she said about the shop “They specialise in the smaller, practical planner stickers. Aimed to make functionality fun.” She is hopefully going to be opening the shop on 5th February. Price on stickers will be £0.80 for a sheet of 25 like in the picture and postage in the UK will be £0.80 flat rate unless you buy a million lol. All her stickers will be matte. Custom orders will be an additional £0.30 per sheet. She has no social media as of yet for the shop but is debating on a Facebook page.

These stickers would be great to use on inserts in a ring binder planner like a Filofax because of their size and would fit perfectly in the pockets those sort of planners have. But for me personally I’ve been finding it hard to find small enough stickers for my month view in my happy planner. These stickers are smaller than the icon dots made for Erin Condren or the happy planner.

These look great on my month spread so will defiantly be ordering some when her shop opens. When I’ve purchased some I will make another post to show you more of her stickers.

If you have any questions about her shop please leave it in the comments below and I will find out for you.


*Disclaimer: I have not purchased or been ask to do this review it was my own idea to let people know about her shop, the stickers were given for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.


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