Mini etsy haul

I chose the name mini etsy haul because I didn’t order a lot this time but I’m making another order today so in the next couple of weeks I’ll have a proper etsy haul for you.

So lets start off with washi, I ordered two rolls of red to use in my February spreads and two green ready for my St Patrick’s spread.


I ordered these from from JoeandFlo, a great price at £1.60 per roll and £0.80 postage. Shipping was great as well I ordered on 15th January, had my shipping confirmation email on 17th and I received them on the 19th. Usually I order washi of ebay and to get it at this price usually had to wait a week or sometimes longer so I’ll defiantly be ordering from them again.

Now for stickers, I ordered this kit called girly doll (Barbie) from StickersByGrace.


The kit contains a sheet of headers and a few functional stickers. A sheet of 8 full boxes which I think are so cute. Sheet of 8 ombre checklist boxes and finally a sheet of half boxes and appointment boxes. These are all printed on matte and I think the kit is well worth the £7.00 the kits are priced at. Postage was reasonably priced as well at £0.95 and quite quick delivery in my opinion. I ordered on the 15th January, got shipping email on 18h and received them on the 19th. The seller has also kind enough to give me a discount code to share with you which is GRACE20 for 20% off orders over £7.00 which expires on 31st March. I will defiantly be using this today as I love all the kits.

Last stickers I ordered are these ombre checklist boxes which I ordered to go with the kit above so I can do a no white space spread. This spread will be featured on the 1st February so look out for that if you want to see how I use these stickers.


I got these from OodlemaDoodles and I think they look a lot better than a checklist flag. I also received a free sample with these cute birds and hearts on. They are printed on matte vinyl for £1.79 or gloss vinyl for £1.89. There is 9 on a sheet which I think is great for the price. Postage was £0.90 and I got this order for abit less because I used the 10% discount code on the oodlemadoodles instagram page . Delivery on these was the same as stickersbygrace. I received a discount code off my next order which I’ve been told I can share with you NEWYEAR for 10% off until the end of January

Keep a look out over the next couple of weeks for an etsy shop feature post. I ordered something on the 19th and thought it would be great to do a post about it.


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